Global Commodity Markets

Oil Trader

Global Commodity Markets

Diar Energy has diversified its business to trading in a wide spectrum of commodity products including crude oil, refined oil products, petrochemicals, LPG and soft commodities. A key success factor is our extensive risk management culture. Diar Energy has a long-standing expertise in trading Crude Oil and Gas Condensate. We source worldwide and have access to several crude grades.

We source oil from a variety of counterparties including production companies, oil majors and national oil companies (NOCs). We have established a leading position in the burgeoning Middle Eastern Crude export business. Strong relationships with producers and refineries help us to place shipments without market fluctuation. Stable financing and risk mitigation processes optimize the way we deliver products to our clients. In Asia, we are an active participant in sour grades trading, and in China, we have developed a strong presence, growing business with private-sector refineries.

With a well experienced team in the field of energy trading, the management has structured the operations of the Company in several business units that includes Trading of Oil and Petrochemical products, and related Logistics. Diar Energy trades and transports Crude Oil, Oil and Gas products, Petrochemicals and Chemicals and some bulk general cargo such as Sulfur, Fertilizers, and Urea. The company tailors its services to the needs of its customers – from shipping to storage, using long-term leases of storage tanks. #Global Commodity Markets

Supply Chain Solutions

Naptha and Gasoline

We source, store, blend and deliver cost-effective gasoline at quality service and optimal performance. We have built up long-standing relationships with NOCs, major refiners and located in Fujairah and Hamriyah-UAE.



We trade the full range of distillates, and our trading covers Jet/Kero, Diesel and Gasoil and heating Tanks. Our middle distillates trading operation, lease storage operation to blend products oil to local specifications and premium-priced fuels.


Fuel Oil

LS and HS Fuel Oil (cST 180 & cST280 & cST380) Our fuel oil trading team combines global presence, market knowledge and efficient logistics to connect producers and end-users.


Other Commodities

Petrochemicals, LPG, Sulphur, Urea